Saturday, November 3, 2007

Warmest October in 60 Years at Indianapolis

From the NWS in Indianapolis:

Warmest October in 60 Years at Indianapolis

Above normal temperatures could be felt across central Indiana once again last month. October 2007 goes down as the 4th warmest October on record at Indianapolis and as the warmest since 1947.

The average monthly temperature of 62.1 degrees was 7.5 degrees above normal. There were 25 days in October with at or above normal temperatures, including a remarkable run of 9 consecutive days to start the month in which the temperature was 10 degrees or more above normal. 3 days during the month saw temperatures 20 degrees or more above normal.

The warmest October on record was in 1900 with an average temperature of 63.4 degrees. The coolest October on record was in 1925 with an average temperature of 46.6 degrees.

Five temperature records were set or tied during October 2007, including 4 consecutive days of tied or broken high temperature records from the 5th through the 8th. The new record on October 8th of 91 degrees is also the highest October temperature on record at Indianapolis and the latest 90 degree day on record. Prior to 2007, 90 degree temperatures had only been recorded twice in October in the 136 years of records at Indianapolis. October 2007 recorded two 90 degree days. In addition to the early October record warmth, a new record high minimum temperature of 65 occurred on the 18th.


Total precipitation for the month at Indianapolis was 2.80 inches, which was 0.04 inches above normal. This does however, make October 2007 the first above normal precipitation month at Indianapolis since March. Measurable precipitation occurred on 9 days during the month.

The wettest October of record was 1919 with 8.98 inches. The driest October on record was 1963 with only 0.17 inches of precipitation.

Other Notable Features

The peak wind in September was 39 MPH from the south on October 18th. This was also the only day in which thunder was observed at Indianapolis.

Sunshine for the month was 45 percent of possible.

Weather records began at Indianapolis in 1871.