Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cold Continues and Meteor Shines

The cold weather continues and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. The low this morning dropped down to 12F (-11C). The high temperature Friday and Saturday did not climb above 31F (-1C) which hasn't occurred since March 8 of this year. One more interesting note about the cold weather, my pond has frozen over. Of course it isn't frozen enough to walk on, but large geese can walk on it. I don't remember ever seeing it frozen this early.Now if we could just get a good snow on the ground like they have in the northern part of the state. Up to a foot of snow fell around South Bend as the lake effect snow machine kicked into high gear.
Here is an interesting event that happened late Friday afternoon over the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba in Canada. A meteor lit up the sky around 5:30pm. I haven't heard of anyone finding any meteorites, but I'm sure someone will in the spring after the snow melts. The meteor was estimated to be about 2 meters wide, but likely broke into many smaller pieces as it exploded in the atmosphere. Here is a video from the CBC.

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