Saturday, February 21, 2009

Winter Blast Hits Area

Another round of winter weather has hit the area bringing rain, sleet, and snow. The morning started off tame with just a light coating of sleet/snow followed by a period of light rain and gusty winds. At noon, the wind gusted to 38mph. I figured that would be it since forecasts called for an inch or less of snow for our area, but we received about an inch and a half instead beginning around 1pm. That inch and a half came very quickly too with cold air quickly following. The snow was very heavy and wet and stuck to everything. In fact, I had to go out and brush the ice and snow off my satellite dish before I could make this post. The heavy wet snow turned into a slushy mess on the roadways that quickly froze into a solid sheet of packed ice. The highways were okay once treated with salt, but the back roads are the problems because they haven't been treated. The heaviest snow came around 2pm, so county trucks probably will not be out until Sunday morning to salt and sand.
There have been a couple of people stuck at the intersection just below my house this evening. If you look at the webcam picture, you can see the intersection just behind the three pine trees in the foreground. When vehicles stop at the intersection, they have a hard time getting started again on the slight incline. Everyone has managed to get going, but one vehicle was stuck for about 15 minutes.
Looking ahead, I'm reading reports on other blogs that temperatures will be in the 60's and possibly low 70's by the first week of March. That means March may be coming in like a lion. You can't have a big warm up like that and not get any storms. I'd like to see some strong thunder storms, but I'd also like at least one more big snow before the winter ends.

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