Monday, April 6, 2009

Funnel Cloud over Laurel, Indiana?

Well, I've seen a photo of what people are calling the "tornado", but I'm not convinced that's what it was. The photo I've seen was snapped by a camera phone and many of you may have already seen the photo. It looks like it was taken from behind the Baptist church. You can clearly see the church in the background and the end of a house trailer in the foreground. It appears that the photographer was looking towards the southwest. That would coincide with the location of the tornado signature on WCPO radar.
I have a simple cellphone that just allows me to talk on the phone (imagine that), so I don't have the photo available to post, but a friend who has received the photo plans to get the photo to me. Once I have it I will post it here. If you have a photo of the storm clouds from the evening of April 5 in Laurel, Indiana, please email them to me. My address can be found in my blogger profile.
UPDATE, April 11, 2009: An individual from Lakeview left a comment about the storm. I've not been able to get a copy of the photo that I mention in this post or the previous post. If you have a photo, please email it to me.

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2hotforthehottub said...

This is the photo to which you were referring. I live in Lakeview. I personally witnessed what appeared to be a funnel cloud hovering over a neighbor's home. Within seconds, the trampoline from the yard was picked up and carried about 500 yards, tearing power and telephone lines from the home, and finally coming to rest on the side of a barn. Bear in mind this is a full size trampoline with all metal poles in tact. The storm cell continued moving towards Laurel. Not long after, I received the aforementioned picture message of the tornado that stemmed from the same storm cell that was causing all the damage to just the one home in my neighborhood. I haven't a doubt that this is an actual tornado. I would doubt, however, that it actually touched down. There would have been more news coverage.