Sunday, April 5, 2009

Possible Tornado Near Laurel, Indiana

Was there a tornado in Franklin county? I'm not aware of any damage or actual funnel cloud sightings, but a tornado signature was present on radar this evening around 7pm. The NWS in Wilmington, Ohio issued a Tornado Warning for the county. I was watching WCPO 9 out of Cincinnati at the time and their meteorologists were talking about a storm just west of Batesville and moving northeast towards Brookville. Although the warning did not cover the northwest corner of Franklin county, the WCPO meteorologists believed that the strongest part of the storm was in the Laurel area. I'm three miles west of Laurel and there was very little wind and not significant drop in pressure. I don't believe there were any tornadoes in the area. I'll ask around tomorrow if there was any damage in the area and post tomorrow evening.

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