Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fire in the West - Rain in the East

It wasn't supposed to rain today. That's what they said this morning anyway. However, by 10:30 a light mist began to fall and by 11:00 it was a steady rain. Interestingly, the month of May is starting off very much like the month of April. During the first six days of April 1.89" of rain had fallen and as of today, May 6, 1.59" of rain has fallen this month.

A wildfire began in the foothills above Santa Barbara, California on Tuesday May 5. Southern California authorities said early Wednesday the wildfire is threatening 2,000 Santa Barbara homes and had grown to 400 acres. Santa Barbara County spokeswoman Pat Wheatley says the fire has pulled within a half-mile of some neighborhoods. By midday on Wednesday, May 6, the fire was reported to down to only 196 acres in size. However, afternoon wind gusts of 50mph fanned the flames once more re-igniting area hotspots.

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