Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Update on April Rainfall Totals

In my last post I mentioned that the wettest April in my records was April 2002 when we had 12.82 inches of rain. That seemed high to me so I double checked with the Indiana Climate Office. Here were the results for towns around the area that provide Cooperative Observation reports.

Total Rainfall - April 2002
Liberty, IN......7.72"
Brookville, IN...6.97"
Greensburg, IN...7.63"
Rushville, IN...10.71"
Shelbyville, IN..7.72"
Morristown, IN...6.48"

Although the 12.82" of rain I recorded in my rain bucket seems high it is within the realm of possibility of being accurate based on the 10.71" of rain recorded in Rushville. I'll concede though, my measurement is probably high.

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