Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Major Winter Storm

A major winter storm is hitting the nation from the Southwest region all the way to the Great Lakes. Winter storm warnings and blizzard warnings have been posted from the Four Corners area all the way into Michigan. A thin band of heavy snow will setup from northern Kansas and head northeastward into Wisconsin and the U.P. of Michigan. In this corridor, up to 18 inches of snow could accumulate. In addition, strong winds will produce blizzard conditions across the area generating drifts of 12-15 feet in height!

In our area though, the weather will have a very different feel. After starting at the freezing point this morning, temperatures should rise into the upper 30's to near 40 as rain begins to push into the area. Up to an inch of rainfall is possible by midnight tonight. After that, colder air will begin to rush into the area and turn what little moisture is left behind into snow showers. Little or no accumulation is expected, but it will be cold. With a heavy snow pack to our northwest, the air has little chance to moderate as it heads to the south. Thursday high should only reach 22F (-6C) with morning lows around 10F (-12C).
Another factor that will make that cold air seem even colder is the winds. Sustained winds of 35mph with gusts to 55mph are expected after midnight tonight and will peak during the day on Wednesday. The winds should begin to subside by Wednesday night.

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