Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter Storm Winding Down

The snow is coming to an end across Iowa, but the winds continue to howl with gusts in excess of 55mph. Schools and businesses across Des Moines, Iowa are shutdown as a result of the snow and blowing snow. There's not a lot of traffic out there either. The two traffic camera shots are from this morning when traffic should be heaviest.
Blizzard warnings continue for nearly all of Iowa, the southern one-third of Minnesota, and the southern half of Wisconsin. Conditions should improve overnight tonight and then the dig out can begin. 10-15 inches of snow fell in Des Moines, while 16+ inches fell in Madison, Wisconsin.

Locally, the temperature has begun it's downward spiral. The temperature peaked at 52F (11C) at 4:30am and has been falling ever since. The current temperature at 12 noon is 32F (0C). The temperature should bottom out at about 15F (-9C) by tomorrow morning.

A nice snow shower is blowing across the area at the moment, I don't expect any accumulation though. Winds have been gusty, but since I'm not at home at the moment I can't tell you what the peak gust has been. I'd say it has been over 40mph though. The trees that I see outside my window here at work are blowing pretty good.

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