Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Perfect Winter Day

After yesterdays snowfall, the world looks white and clean outside. Today was a perfect winter day with strong winds from the west northwest, snow on the ground, occasional snow showers, cloudy skies, below freezing temperatures, and wind chills in the single digits and teens above zero. I was outside for a good part of the day today working on an antenna and loved it. I will admit that my hands and feet were so cold they were numb, but a quick break out of the wind brought warmth back to the extremities. I know several people think I'm crazy for liking cold weather and they might be right. I realize that the cold is a hardship for many people who can't afford heat, but it's nature, it's Indiana and there's nothing I can do to prevent the cold so I'm going to enjoy it. Sever thunderstorms are hardships too for the people they affect, but I enjoy them as well. There's just something about the experience of weather that I find exciting. I'm hoping that we have several more days like today in the coming months.

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