Saturday, January 2, 2010

Arctic Cold in Place

It's cold out there today. The morning low was 9.3F (-13C) this morning, but I think we'll drop below that before midnight tonight. The current temperature is 9.7F (-12C). The afternoon high was cold too maxing out at 17F (-8C). Winds have been brisk out of the northwest today with a top gust of 22mph. That kept windchill temperatures in the -3F to +7F (-19C to -14C) range for the day. Overnight, a few lake effect snow showers worked their way down into the area, but only amounted to a dusting of snow at most.
Look at this map of morning lows. Take note of the -36F (-38C)in Minnesota. I'm not sure what station that is, but I found the coldest temperature in Minnesota this morning in Orr. The morning low as of 9am today was -37F (-38C). Chilly. :-) If we had a decent amount of snow cover here in Indiana, I'm certain that our overnight low temperature would be well below 0F (-17C).
Update on the daily low temperature here at home. As I began to type this post the temperature was 9.7F (-12C), but has now dropped to a new daily low of 8.6F (-13C).

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