Saturday, February 6, 2010

Big Storm

Friday afternoon and Saturday morning's snowstorm has turned out to be a real winner if you ask me. The storm dumped 8 inches (20cm) of snow on the area with some isolated areas receiving more. The green and blue map shows that East Central Indiana got the most snow with 9 inches (23cm) of snow in Rushville, Indiana and near Winchester, Indiana. The red and orange map is from Indiana Homeland Security and shows the travel status for each county. Red means travel for that county is prohibited. You can click on either map to see the full sized version.

County roads are a mess in my area. Some roads have been plowed, but the winds are covering the roads back up. After getting my truck out of the snow at mom and dad's house (read previous post), I drove to Andersonville to get diesel fuel for dad's Kubota. The road was only one lane wide in many spots. I don't believe a car would be able to get through.

Here are a few pictures of the snowfall. You can see that the birds are hungry and asking for more.

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Lisa said...

I really like the picture w/ the birds.