Friday, February 5, 2010

We Have a New Biggest Storm of Season

Today's snowstorm has turned out to be the biggest storm of the season so far. As I write this at 9:30pm, 6 inches (15cm) of snow has fallen and the snow continues to fall, although lighter than it was earlier. The snow is very wet and it is sticking to everything. This also makes it incredibly difficult to drive in. Earlier this evening I went over to my parents house and slid off the side of the drive and down the hill. Even in four wheel drive, I couldn't get out. I had to leave my truck and drive mom and dad's car back home. Hopefully once the temperature drops and things freeze up I'll be able to get the truck back onto the drive. I hate having to leave my baby out in the cold overnight, but every time I tried to move the truck I would slide further and further down the hill. It was just too dangerous trying to move it. If the truck continued to slide, I could have ended up rolling it over.
School was dismissed two hours early today and probably should have been let out a bit sooner. Roads were very slick at the time buses were pulling out with students on board.
An additional 3-5 inches of snow is expected to fall overnight with totals estimated to reach 10 inches (25cm) by Saturday morning. The winds are picking up too with gusts up to 30mph.

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