Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Potential Winter Storm This Weekend February 6

The excitement is building. I just hope everything turns out in our favor. A potential winter storm is brewing for this weekend and it looks like our area will be in the "heavy snow" area. :-) Last weekends storm stayed well to our south with a sharp cut off from moderate snow to no snow at all. Predictions are now that the heavy snow will align itself along the I-70 corridor. That's a good area for us. The Indianapolis NWS isn't saying much about the storm today except that "ACCUMULATING SNOWS STARTING TO LOOK MORE LIKELY AT THIS POINT". I'm sure in the next couple of days they will begin to put some numbers on the storm. Hopefully they'll be *big* numbers. :-) Although, I just looked at the GFS model for the time period and aren't getting any warm and fuzzy feelings about the storm. Of course, I don't completely understand the models either. What I see, is a storm lasting about 18 hours and dropping about 1/2 inch of moisture. With a 10:1 snow to liquid ratio that comes out to about 5 inches (13cm) of snow. If that is what we get, it will only match our biggest snow of the season. I'm looking for a foot or more of snow though, so we'll just sit back, watch, and see what happens.

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