Friday, January 29, 2010

Southern Winter Storm

Oh so close, yet we won't see a single flake. A huge winter storm is traveling across the southern half of the country. The storm has affected areas from New Mexico to the Carolinas. Currently, portions of fourteen states are under winter storm warnings (the pink shading). In the heart of the storm along the border between Kentucky and Tennessee up to 14 inches (35cm) of snow will fall. There's even a small area outside of Nashville, Tennessee where up to 18 inches (46cm) of snow could fall. It's not going to stick around long though. The forecast high for Monday is 40F (4C) and by Friday the high is forecast to be near 50F (10C). By then, it will just be a slushy mess.

Are we ever going to get a decent storm locally? I posted a few weeks ago about a 4-5 inch storm and wondered if that would be the biggest snowfall of the season for us. So far, it's looking likely. :-(

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