Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Falling Records

Yesterday, I mentioned that Indianapolis was just 0.3 inches away from being in the top ten snowiest winters on record. Indianapolis has now had 31.9" (81cm) of snow since December 1. Today, I've discovered that Cincinnati, Ohio has had it's snowiest February on record with 23.1" (59cm) of snow. Here at home, I've measured 34.5" (88cm) since December 1 and 22.5" (57cm) since February 1. Based on what I see in some of the models, I think we could see at least another foot (30cm) of snow before the month is over! :-) If you could only see my grin. :-)
1. 23.1"....2010 (through 02/15)
2. 21.4"....1914
3. 20.6"....1910
4. 19.9"....1993
5. 17.4"....2003

The map at left is observed snow cover as of 7:00 AM February 16, 2010. The snow depth across Ohio is pretty impressive. Although they aren't depicted here, that deep snow cover backs up into southeastern Indiana too.

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