Wednesday, November 24, 2010

An Icy November Afternoon

What an afternoon. I was not expecting anything like what you see in these photos. The rain began to fall around 11:30 am as a few sprinkles, then sleet pellets. By 12:30 or so, the sleet pellets had ended. The temperature was only around 30F (-1C) when the rain began, so of course it was freezing rain. Road conditions were just wet in most locations, but there were some icy patches. Dad was pulling the horse trailer through Greensburg around 11:30 am and slid through a red light. Knowing how dad drives, he was not speeding and was not braking hard as he approached the light, so the road was definitely slick. Morning lows were in the mid 20's, 26F (-3C) here at home, so road temps were obviously below freezing. Since then though, temperatures have been on the rise and we've been above freezing since 3:30pm. Tomorrow, the temperature is forecast to be 57F (14C) and then crash back into the mid 20's (-4C) tomorrow night.
Rainfall for the last 12 hours has been 0.94 inches. There's much more on the way though. Thanksgiving day looks like it's going to be very wet. If only this could have all been snow.

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