Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's Better than Nothing

Another wimpy snowfall across the area. Sure it was enough to close schools and cause a few problems, but it certainly wasn't anything severe. This winter has been cold, but we just haven't had many storms with a lot of moisture content. I have yet to pick up a shovel to clean the sidewalk. Every snow we've had this winter could be swept away with the broom. There's another storm coming in the later half of the weekend that seems to be more promising for at least 6 or more inches of snow, but I'm not very confident.

Today's snow put down 3-4 inches across the region with a few spots hitting 5 inches. I measured 2.75 inches this morning, but am rounding that number up to 3 since we've had a few snow showers through the afternoon. Winds have been fairly calm this afternoon, but are supposed to pick up tonight. I think 20mph will be the strongest gust though.

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