Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Catastrophic! That's the word the the National Weather Service out of Indianapolis used to describe the recent upgrade to this storm. An Ice Storm Warning was issued this afternoon for all of central Indiana with up to an inch of ice forecast along with winds gusting to 45mph! Yes, that will be catastrophic. Already, the winds are picking up out of the Northeast. The warm air forecast didn't make it. I'm certain that power will be out across a wide area and will take days to restore. I feel for the folks who have no alternative method of heating their home.
Many counties across Indiana have issued travel advisories with some counties issuing all out bans on all but emergency vehicle traffic. Shelby, Fayette, and Decatur counties are three such counties. I've heard that Franklin county is also under a travel ban, but according the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, that's not the case. Franklin county is under a Level 2 emergency which just indicates all non-essential travel is banned. You can still be out as long as you have a purpose.

The ice storm warning covers all of the counties you see in purple. Franklin, Fayette, Union, and Wayne counties *should* be included in this, but they are under the control of the NWS in Wilmington, Ohio and not Indianapolis. The pink shade is a winter storm warning. Regardless, I think we are in for a serious storm.

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