Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Massive Winter Storm

I don't recall ever seeing such a massive area painted with a blizzard warning. The blizzard warning (painted in red) stretches from Oklahoma City all the way to Detroit. Snowfall may reach 24 inches in these areas with 50mph winds. Wish I were there. Anyway, locally a more insidious storm element will be affecting us... ice. Already, freezing rain has fallen overnight coating everything in a glaze of ice. There have been a few power outages, but nothing on a widespread scale yet. I say yet, because winds are forecast to increase this afternoon into the overnight hours along with more freezing rain. Here in Franklin county, we are right on the edge between freezing rain and just rain. I think there are a lot of questions as to what will fall because temperature is so critical. The temperature has risen overnight from 24 at midnight to 30 this morning. I *want* an ice storm, so I'm hoping it doesn't go up any further. We'll see though.
The winter storm warning for Franklin county (painted pink) has just been extended until 7pm Wednesday.

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