Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ice Storm

Today's winter storm has been the most significant storm so far this winter. After all, it's late January and we've only had 4 inches of snow this winter. In fact, this storm is the first storm of the season that has prompted the NWS to issue a winter storm warning. The counties shaded in pink are under the winter storm warning. The purple shaded counties are under a winter weather advisory.
The current storm has seen little if any snow in our area. Instead, we've seen freezing rain. So far, we've seen 0.14" of liquid precipitation. This has fallen as freezing rain and sleet. Temperatures at the surface are in the mid 20's. When the freezing rain began, it quickly coated all untreated roads with a layer of ice. As a result, the Franklin County Sheriff department issued a level 3 travel advisory which means all roads in the county are closed. A good idea as I watched a small pickup try to get up the hill in front of my house. The road was solid ice.

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